Plate number can turns to be a fortune

The number plate's face value is insignificant. The materials used in making them are not even worth the price motorists pay for plates.
However, today number plate around the world have become a source of income - as they fetch fortune - due to the fact that they preserve histories. 

According to UK's Auto Trader, in 2009 an unnamed telephone bidder made history after purchasing the registration plate "1 HRH" for the UK for £113,815 (about 284.54m/-).

In the same year, Manchester United and England superstar Wayne Rooney paid upwards of UK £10,000 (about 25m/-) for his old plate, "WAZ 8", after his nickname "Wazza".

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich paid UK £285,000 (about 712.5m/-) for the registration plate "VIP 1", while an unknown Middle Eastern businessman was reported to have paid UK £7 million (about 17.5bn/-) for the plate "1", all this in 2009.

However, the world's expensive registration plate was auctioned in Abu Dhabi, which dominates a global list of the most expensive car number plates ever sold, according to a list compiled by Regtransfers website, the UK's largest independent dealer in personalised number plates.

Buyers from the UAE capital account for 37 of the top 50 most expensive plates ever sold. The 37 Abu Dhabi buyers listed in the rankings collectively spent 60.6million US dollars (about 96.96bn/-), or an average of 1.6million US dollars (about 1.76bn/-) for their car plates.

In Tanzania, one can make a fortune too from number plates. In the new millennium, the letters and numbers were swapped and the preceding "T" was returned to look T 999 AAA. 

At the beginning of second half of this year, the new number plates have reached an interesting phase. The numbers despite saving the basic official identification can preserve history for individuals or institutions.

For instance, in recently past, the number plates tells interesting words-like AAR stands for Kenyan health insurance firm, ATR France's an aircraft marker most used by Precision Air, ATE for Association of Tanzania Employer, ACB-Akiba Commercial Bank and CBE-College of Business Education. Others interesting words were, ATM, BAR, BAT, CAR, CAB, CAT, and the like.

Currently the number plate entered yet another interesting phase, CCA. In short span, given the registration trend, the letter like CCM, CDM and CUF will be reached between this and next October. The number plates as per last week were at T XXX CCB stage.

The luck motorist who happened to get this number plate T 77 CCM representing the birth of CCM can auction this number to earn a fortune. "If I am a high authority in CCM, I could fight to get this number plate," said Leonard Joseph, a resident of Tabata.

Mr Joseph said Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) could as well auction the numbers to earn the country much needed revenue. CCM has a long history and could also be reserved using number registrations, for instance T 1 CCM, because the part is perceived as the number one in all arenas, from politics to ruling and being the oldest party.

CCM should capitalize in these number plates, because from number one to 999 has to do with history and prestige the part built in the last 70 years since the days of Tanganyika African Association (TAA), TANU and ASP.

On the same vein, CDM number plate is around the corner. CDM stands for Chadema. The political backgrounds coupled by analysts' prediction that CDM might become the next ruling party on year 2015 seems as crucial year for the party's bid to the state house.

Therefore number plate T 015CDM also has a lot of meaning to fans and supporter of Chadema because it predicts they ambitions and if the part win the race to "Ikulu", this could be a good souvenir piece.

On top of that still numbers like T 4 CDM has a lot of meaning this represent the first four National Assembly seats it won in 2000 general election of the 269 seats. And T 5 CDM again was five seats it won in 2005.

Also T 44CDM, Chadema's 44 seats it won in 2010 election, making it the second-largest party in the National Assembly for the first time. And the T 93 CDM representing the day when it got a permanent registration on January 23, 1993. The list is long.

The last but not least is the CUF number plate. CUF-Civic United Front-is the third biggest party. In politics anything might happen.  For sure T015 CUF is a good number plate to keep. 

Also T 92 CUF indicating the party establishment date is a good piece as well, or T93 CUF the year the part got a full registration means a lot to the founders.

The number plate history Tanzania dated in 1933. Tanganyika used white-on-black plates. Letters denoted the city (DS for Dar es Salaam) and was followed by four numbers. 

DS plate number was phased out in early 1970s. After 1970s, Dar es Salam were using TZ. And each region was also issuing its own plate numbers, for instance Arusha (AR), Mbeya (MB), Mwanza (MZ), Kilimanjaro (MS) and Kigoma (UJ).

In the 1990s, the font was changed to resemble the FE-Schrift of German plates. The preceding "T" was replaced by other letters and the number of digits reduced to three, TZA

Source: The Daily News,, reported by Abduel Elinaza
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